About Phoenix Branding

The Phoenix Branding dream project commenced rather recently in November 2015. Having started with graphic designing and website consulting, the services have grown and embraced the entire digital spectrum of marketing and printing.  Google, Microsoft and Facebook have certified our professional standing. We do feel that the whole world seeks our services with clients from Food & Beverages, Real Estate, Construction, Fashion and Entertainment, to name a few industries.

Learning experiences came for us far before the professional life of branding and digital marketing took over. It has been a long and exciting ride, full of wise lessons as time went along. Never did we halt or falter since the digital world is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the little changes in software and configurations kept us always busy. We never stopped wondering, though, at all the digital innovation that has changed the quality of human lives. It feels good to be part of that change, and always looking at the positive side.

Like our many happy and satisfied clients, we are enjoying the challenges too! The online world may be likened to a dream world that is common to television too. Everything is experienced for the moment and forgotten soon after. Yet the impact on the mind lingers. Besides, it is not thoughts alone. Surfers have feelings and emotions and advertising caters to them all. Connecting and building bridges constantly keep us busy. That involves a lot of research, though.

We travel on digital adventures like digital marketing together with our clients, taking them into confidence every step of the way. After the branding and marketing campaigns have concluded, clients should be able to manage their own resources. Technology is so far advanced that little difficulty exists in making changes to websites as part of routine management. Our consultation services back you up for an eternity.

Bring the problem to us and solutions will be found. Culture is what we work with all the time in a world where few barriers remain. The online world introduced us to clients from all over, and all of them speak a common language. There is little difficulty in understanding what people want and designing action to achieve the sought after goals.

Business concerns come first, how to reach target audiences and motivate them to invest and generate revenue. Yet revenues come a long time afterwards at harvest after all the rough work of planting is done. Life is truly a vast waiting game! Our resources are ready and we remain fully geared to take up smart web designing and fancy vinyl printing projects too.

A blessed creativity, shall we call it? We believe in something more, a vision and a mission that transcends space and time, a spiritual connection. The online universe does appear to be a heavenly abode when all the digital wonders are considered. Software goes from strength and strength and more and more functionality is constantly being added. All that technology does impact society a great deal, work and play having changed so much after social media took over.

We remain on high alert in anticipation of duties that may suddenly get us busy. Having much on our hands already, so much more is yet to come. A busy life of the bees is most satisfying, expressions of creativity, zeal and zest expressing the truth about ourselves. A glow of happiness does descend when campaigns have succeeded very well, at least for the moment. Timelines may take long to be achieved, but the immediate moment should be good enough.

We are waiting to take up digital challenges with all the resources and work force at our command. It does not take too long to get the feel of the marketing action or the website designing process. Work happens simultaneously on several fronts and the waiting period is thus minimized. At the earliest, we will get the project plans worked out.

About Sangharsh

Founder, Head of Marketing and Operations

Sangharsh | Phoenix BrandingWhen I studied Computer Applications at Presidency College, Bangalore, I had only a vague understanding of what professional life would be. Little did I think that it would turn out to be a fascinating digital world with cherished projects at every turn. It was an excellent leadership training ground at Presidency. I worked as event head for Computant
ra, an IT Fest. At an Inter-College Fest called Colossus, I worked as a core committee member. Besides, I coordinated KK and Farhan live concerts.

Quite satisfied with all the IT skills I gathered at Presidency, my next academic milestone took me to Cardiff University, UK. I specialized in Marketing and Business Operations for an MBA in 2014.

My professional life in Phoenix Branding has exposed me to diverse roles, and excellent results heightened my confidence. It was Google most of the way as I set about the task of planning and executing marketing campaigns. A variety of clients brought rich learning experiences. Organizational accomplishments resulted from coordinated teamwork. I enjoy training workers in digital marketing initiatives. I like to consider myself a little different with a mind and thoughts of my own.

Communication comes first. My skills in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil have been a great advantage in getting around the industry. Solutions have not been easy to come by in many hard-fought digital media battles. Yet, when campaigns for clients do ring with success, it is a moment of intense jubilation for the team. Two years have thus passed in great glory. I ponder many more years in the service of diverse clients in an industry that constantly challenges itself. I traversed the length and breadth of commerce from telecommunications to fashion.

Maybe social media marketing should come first as something that everybody understands, but there was so much more. SEO, branding, business development and email marketing often kept the office busy into the small hours. Planning marketing campaigns and client relationships often left the team stressed out. The digital marketing success story was fought on many fronts before sweet success eventually emerged.

In a word, brand building keeps us occupied creatively and commercially. Linking products and services with customers does not appear to be a big deal but it is. Reputations once established would last eternally. Summoning audiences through sensational content and creating goodwill and awareness has been a dynamic task full of tensions. Budgets need to be optimally balanced. At the end of the day, I believe that it has all been worth it when I consider the satisfaction felt by the clients. Success stories keep us going in the final analysis.

I will dedicate all my energies and the resources of my team and organization to the success of clients’ missions. We will draw up pioneering plans and policies to achieve the much sought after success in terms of creativity and revenue generation.

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results
  • Make your website sell better

  • Create and improve your marketing potential (products, services)

  • Provide access to unique technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet

  • Show you a clear, measurable results and regular work on the development of your business on the Internet

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