Brand Guidelines

With guidelines that a brand may prepare, the first task is the dissemination of information. Unless the writer of the guidelines knows the brand with thorough research, such an approach may not be effective. It is not only meant for users of the brand, but for researchers and the public too besides the licensing and tax authorities.  The thorough and sustained correctness of information about the brand would be the first priority.

Inspiration is the expected quality of well-written guidelines for a company, especially the colossal ones. In company traditions, the guidelines would make a difference and bring inspiring new thoughts and ideas. Life is not static anyway and nothing happens by chance. Sustained hard work is the only option.

The mission and vision statements, particularly, would hold immense meaning, reflecting short term and long-term goals. A statement of values would sum up what the company stands for and the principles upon which the company was built. How the brand is to be used and implemented would show the way to a better lifestyle or healthier way of life. Small things matter and may make a difference to our daily lives.

The dos and the don’ts are clearly indicated in the brand guidelines and they need to be implemented well for the company to be successful. A hundred companies might achieve their goals in dozens of different ways.

Our experts are excellent at getting brand literature ready with all the appropriate guidelines. Information comes first but the layout and the graphics, colors and symbols too have many voices.



“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”
-Seth Godin

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