Little ambassadors of goodwill, brochures express so much in a little space. A lot of designing goes into preparing a brochure. It contains lots more information than a business card or flyer. A single sheet folded several times telling little illustrated stories about the products or services can achieve a lot by means of public relations. Several brochures do resemble jewels in their cozy niche of secretive information that reaches only a select few.

Unlike posters and graffiti that may have an intense dramatic impact, a brochure speaks intimately and does represent sweet truths. Workshops and exhibitions are suitable outlets for brochures where visitors walk out with a copy each. Much useful and important contact information could be included in the little publication. Customer response could be gauged from the feedback so gathered.

Brochures do help sales and online documents can be alluring in designing with exquisite software. Serving the basic purpose of advertising, brochures achieve something more. While screen advertising is aimed at a group, brochures speak quietly to the heart.

Shall we design, format and print brochures for publicity purposes? Some old-fashioned advertising methods still prevail in hard copy and are very effective too. Brochures can be handled and felt, unlike the digital experiences on screen.



Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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