Coffee Table Books

If there is anything certain to bring a smile, it is a coffee table book! They are splendid, containing lots of cheerful illustrations in a large, bound edition. Why are they called coffee table books? That is exactly where they are placed in order to provide ideas for conversation. Free from seriousness and controversy, coffee table books may be likened to comedy in drawing rooms. Such little volumes are primarily meant to entertain.

Perhaps books about gardens and flowers among the wonders of nature would be suitable themes. Family life, as well as hobbies, like painting and sewing, could be some possible themes to bring cheer to the heart. Since we do need something to be happy about all the time, coffee table books serve a delightful purpose.

It is true that all the splendors of printing technology are expressed between the covers. The large print makes it easy to read and the luscious pictures provide a treat for the soul.

We handle the entire process of designing and printing coffee table books on a variety of themes. Specialized printing software would be required for that spectacular effect. Books not only teach but also decorate environments.


Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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