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It is the task of the historian to record the development of printing equipment, inks and styles down the ages. Traditionally, printing in the early days was restricted to a small scale when books meant for reading were printed. Slowly, the agenda is getting larger. After films came to be printed, first in monochrome and then in amazing color, large sized posters were found very effective in communicating messages. City walls could not do without them.

Large format printing today has succeeded in transforming the environment. They may be called nothing short of wonders. Just imagine a building front completely covered by the scene of a lush forest. That would be appropriate for a conservation office. Similarly, the industry and software offices could be covered by appropriate imagery.

A vast business empire now makes fortunes through such large format printing. It seems that signboards and digital signage may be much simplified with cheaper products. The material and the ink are not all that expensive, affordable for all. Urban environments do need such bold advertising to catch the attention of crowds that gather at public exhibitions and carnivals. Nothing less than a massive, dramatic showpiece would succeed in impressing the crowds.

Education, communication, social messages and administration are all in for major advantages through large-bodied printing. Little notices and signboards hardly get noticed and more dramatic methods are often necessary. Banners stretching right across the street or ground would attract eyeballs for sure. If cleverly and creatively designed, messages would succeed and calls for action may be honored.

Put the large format printing to good use in educational settings and in rural environments to capture attention and deliver uplifting messages. Besides serving the purposes of fancy and environment, environmental graphics create stunning surroundings. Just imagine something like cinema screens a hundred feet high! We have all seen them in crowded concerts or political meetings where the stage is not visible to most of the crowd. They would need lighting in the dark, though.

We take up those vast printing jobs on vast stretches of vinyl for decorative purposes. Designing them is quite an art with copy and graphics that is all computerized for stunning effects. Samples may be printed in small versions to test the designs.



Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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