Those cute little one-page advertisements that may or may not be folded do reach far in local advertising. They come often within the pages of a newspaper. Like email messages, flyers may be ignored too, but sometimes come in very useful in the nick of time if something is urgently required. All the principles of good advertising like the layout, color schemes and an excellent copy would apply as much to flyers as to large scale advertising.  Nothing could be cheaper than printing flyers on economy quality paper, but the news does get around. Something of immediate impact like the opening of a grocery store or fast food joint could be effectively advertised through flyers. Putting them in a few shops in the neighborhood would find curious people looking on. A person is usually employed to distribute them in crowded streets or exhibition venues.

If large scale advertising campaigns are planned with a variety of media, let smaller methods like flyers also be included. They will hardly add to the cost, but will create goodwill and get the word across quite effectively.



Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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