Glass Graphics

Clever little dainty pieces of painted glass have decorated church windows for hundreds of years. Painting and now printing on glass does provide an immersive experience of sustained luminosity. The deep colors shine through to create an intense spiritual experience. What patterns do you imagine would work best on glass? The artist and the technology combine to provide a mighty world of unusual illustrations on large glass window panes in keeping with certain themes.

Perhaps letters or numbers would communicate educational settings. Create stunning moods and environments with glass graphics that bring the environment alive in a fantasy of color. Will it be a sunny, forested scene in the severely cold European countries? Vice versa, would you put scenes of snow and ice in an African office? Glass graphics light up our lives and environments.

The imagination imposes no limits! From little floral patterns to images of birds and animals, religious symbolism, gods and goddesses, every culture has its favorites. Keep them close to the heart in massive high rise buildings where people come together to gape at the walls. They do look larger than life, just like some superhuman creatures that have no essential existence. Come to be entertained with a little color and happiness. Life is only a collection of pretty moments.

We help decorate glass panels on doors and windows with stunning graphics. Artists believe that every surface should be done up with some decorative artwork. Choose the themes and we will help install them. Live a life surrounded by arty scenes that bring life and vigor to the air we breathe.

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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