Some advertising principles have remained quite the same for hundreds of years, even before the digital world was born in the late 1990s. Laws exist to prevent posters from soiling city walls, but it is a time-honored procedure to inform and educate. The posters do not cost much to print, but should be effectively designed. Besides functionality, consider the aesthetic aspect with good artwork and color combinations. In order to attract customers, some benefits need to be offered. Posters also like flyers succeed in reaching the maximum number of customers at minimum costs. Creating a need could be stated as a primary duty of good advertising. It should be felt that the product or service is needed rather than a luxury.

Formats exist online and fonts and colors could be adjusted according to need. Whether the poster follows a row or column format would depend upon the extent of information and illustrations. It is best if the poster is not cluttered up with excessive information.

We design posters in a variety of sizes and paper quality. Several forms of advertising work best together. Words and graphics, color and symbolism work very well on posters and soft copies would travel around social media circles too.

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own
–Carol Burnett

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