Static Websites - HTML

The easiest website to construct is the static without features or mobility. They require only the client side processing like HTML and CSS, JavaScriot too. No changes can be made. The user sees it just the way it is built and stored. Users can neither comment, nor use any other functionality like making payments. Interactivity is nil. The programming language JavaScript is not required to build a static website. Even if JavaScript is used without PHP or another programming language, it would still be static.

The pages of a static website are made with a fixed code. If a website is needed like a notice board to display information, a static website would serve the purpose, cheaply too. Hyperlinks may exist, but no other form of interactivity would be supported. Short websites of 2 or 3 pages would be possible with a static website. If something like a logo is to be repeated, the HTML needs to be duplicated on each page.

We can design simple static websites to display certain information though they are getting outdated. When nothing complex is required, static websites would do and function like notice boards.

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