Website Planning

Novices may find it hard to believe that the latest software will create a website within a few clicks! Only the skeleton, that is, and images, text and formatting may take a long while. However, be sure about the purpose of the planned website and the target audience. In terms of business websites that the majority of the millions are, the purpose is to sell products or services. The websites should be as pleasing as any of the shops in the town. A web design company shows the way.

Once the audience is identified as being females, teenagers, married men or nature lovers, planning could get more specific with appropriate materials. Site colors and designs would be chosen accordingly. It is important to have uncluttered windows without an excess of text, pictures or videos. It would be easier to get around and use the facilities that exist.

Home, About us and Services besides the Contact page are the usual common pages with an attractive landing page. Besides visual appeal, the text should be broken up into short sentences and paragraphs with subheadings to appeal to users in a hurry.  Be reasonable in convincing users of the quality of products or services with a call to action. Everything on the website is meant for consumption by humans and search engines. Discuss with web design Bangalore.

Our team will go through the tedious research process to gather information about demographics to build the most appropriate web design. An easy to navigate tidy website with all the required functions is what we aim for.


Your website is the window of your business.
Keep it fresh, Keep it exciting.

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